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Research and Development

Electrostatic Applications (EA) carries out basic and applied research on a contract basis. The areas of expertise represent outgrowths of the research undertaken by Joseph M. Crowley as a Professor at the University of Illinois. The major emphasis is the development of mathematical models that incorporate physical processes in the areas of electrostatics, fluid mechanics, and particle motion, in the context of printing and copying processes, MEMS, ESD control, and other areas.

Our clients include private companies, government, private research institutes and universities. A representive listing of previous clients is given in Selected Clients

A sampling of published research papers, arranged by application, is given in the Research Publications. Since most of our work for clients is proprietary, this list is only a small fraction of the projects we have carried out.

Before beginning a project, we prepare a proposal that shows the work to be performed and the estimated cost. Typical projects are in the range $5K to $15K.