Cover of Electromanipulation of Cells

Electromanipulation of Cells

U. Zimmerman and G. Neil ed.

(1996) 403 pages

This book covers the impact of electric field effects of high and moderate intensity on cell and artificial membranes as well as the "electric structure" of the cell. The principles are illustrated by widely used techniques of mammalian and human cell fusion, electropermeabilization of various cell types, and advanced cellular electromanipulation. Where relevant, key historical references are discussed to put the field in proper perspective. Inclusive reference list for each chapter available for the investigator requiring an in-depth treatment of specific topics.

The Effect of High Intensity Electric Field Pulses on Eukaryotic Cell Membranes: Fundamentals and Applications by Ulrich Zimmermann; Electrotransformation of Bacteria by Akira Taketo; High-Intensity Field Effects on Artificial Lipid Bilayer Membranes: Theoretical Considerations and Experimental Evidence by Mathias Winterhalter, Karl-Heinz Klotz, and Roland Benz; Electrofusion of Cells: State of the Art and Future Directions by Ulrich Zimmermann; Cell Motion in Time-Varying Fields: Principles and Potential by Gunter Fuhr, Ulrich Zimmermann, and Stephen G. Shirley; Electric Properties of the Membrane and the Cell Surface by Roland Glaser; Protocols for High-Efficiency Electroinjection of "Xenomolecules" and electrofusion of Cells by Ulrich Zimmermann