Cover of Ionized Gases

Ionized Gases

A. Von Engel

(1997) 344 pages

Drawn from the author's lectures to undergraduates at Oxford University, this work features probing analyses of many problems in atomic physics, plasma physics, spectroscopy, atmospheric and solid state physics. By emphasizing fundamental concepts and the limitations of treatments rather than the details of theories, this book has become a valued reference tool both in academia and among professionals in the scientific community.

1. Historical Notes; 2. Conduction in Feebly Ionized Gases.; 3. Production of Charged Particles: Excitation and Ionization; Emission of Charges from Solids.; 4. Mobility and Charge Transfer.; 5. Diffusion and Mutual Repulsion: Diffusion; Mutual Repulsion.; 6. Recombination: Recombination between Ion and Ion; Recombination between Ions and Electrons.; 7. Ionization and Excitation in an Electric Field.; 8. Glow Discharge.