Cover of Piezoelectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors

Piezoelectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors

Kenji Uchino

(1996) 368 pages

The field of mechatronics using piezoelectric and electrostrictive materials is growing rapidly with applications in many areas, including MEMS, adaptive optics, and adaptive structures. This book provides in-depth coverage of the theoretical background of piezoelectric and electrostrictive actuators, practical materials, device designs, drive/control techniques, typical applications, and future trends in the field.

Industry engineers and academic researchers in this field will find this book an invaluable source of pertinent scientific information, practical details, and references. In the classroom, this book may be used for graduatel level courses on ceramic actuators.

Preface; Trends in micro-mechatronics and piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuators; Origins of electric field induced strains; Piezoelectric and related materials for actuator applications; Structures and fabrication processes of ceramic actuators; Measuring techniques for micro-displacements and high power piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuators; Servo displacement transducer applications; Pulse drive motor applications; Ultrasonic motor applications; Present status of piezoelectric/electrostricitve actuators and remaining problems; Appendix1: Standartization of ceramic actuators; Appendix 2: Committee/workshops on ceramic actuators; Appendix 3: References to commercialized ceramic actuators