Cover of Electrical Contacts:Principles and Applications

Electrical Contacts:Principles and Applications

Paul G. Slade, ed.

(1999) 1204 pages

This wide-ranging reference reports the latest advances in the research, development, manufacture, and application of electrical contacts; offers a comprehensive outline of the subject for professional, research, design and development engineers; and provides a complete introduction to the subject for graduate technology students. Covering the choice, attachment, and testing of contact materials, Electrical Contacts:

With 1500 references, Electrical Contacts will be welcomed as a reference by electric connector design, circuit design, electronic packaging, motor design, circuit breaker development, contactor development, relay design, and power engineers; electric contact materials scientists; automobile circuit designers; arc researchers; and professional seminars participants and graduate students in these disciplines.


Contact Interface Conduction Electrical Contact Resistance

Fundamental Principles Roland S. Timsit

Introduction to Contact Tarnishing and Corrosion, Paul G. Slade

Contact Corrosion, William H. Abbott

Nonarcing Contacts Power Connections, Milenko Braunovic'

Low Power Commercial Wiring, Automotive, and Appliance Connections, Anthony Lee

Tribology of Electronic Connectors

Contact Sliding Wear, Fretting, and Lubrication, Morton Antler

Materials, Coatings, and Platings, Morton Antler

The Electric Arc and Switching Device Technology

The Arc and Interruption, Paul G. Slade

The Consequences of Arcing, Paul G. Slade

Reed Switches, Kunio Hinohara

Low Current Switching, John W. McBride

Medium to High Current Switching, Manfred Lindmayer

Arcing Contact Materials Arcing Contact Materials, Gerald J. Witter

Contact Design and Attachment, Gerald J. Witter and Guenther Horn

Material Performance Evaluation and Test Methods, Werner Rieder

Arc Interactions with Contaminants, Werner Rieder and Gerald J. Witter

Sliding Electrical Contacts Sliding Electrical Contacts (Graphitic Type Lubrication), Erle I. Shobert II

Illustrative Modern Brush Applications, Wilfred E. Yohe and William A. Nystrom

Sliding Contacts for Instrumentation and Control, E. W. Glossbrenner

Metal Fiber Brushes, Doris Kuhlmann-Wilsdorf

Contact Data Useful Electric Contact Information, Paul G. Slade