Cover of Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics, 2nd ed.

Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics, 2nd ed.

Matthew N. O. Sadiku

(2000) 760 pages

FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS Review of Electromagnetic Theory:Classification of EM Problem:Some Important Theorems:@ ANALYTICAL METHODS Introduction:Separation of Variables:Separation of Variables in Rectangular Coordinates:Separation of Variables in Cylindrical Coordinates:Separation of Variables in Spherical Coordina:Some Useful Orthogonal Functions:Series Expansion:Practical Applications:@ FINITE DIFFERENCE METHODS Finite Difference Schemes:Finite Differencing of Parabolic PDEs:Finite Differencing of Hyperbolic PDEs:Finite Differencing of Elliptic PDEs:Accuracy and Stability of FD Solutions:Practical Application I - Guided Structures:Practical Applications II - Wave Scattering:Finite Differencing for Nonrectangular Systems:Absorbing Boundary Conditions for FDTD:Numerical Integration:@ VARIATIONAL METHODS Operators in Linear Spaces:Calculus of Variations:Construction of Functionals from PDEs:Rayleigh-Ritz Method:Weighted Residual Method:Eigenvalue Problems:Practical Applications:@ MOMENT METHODS Integral Equations:Green's Functions:Applications I - Quasi-Static Problems:Applications II - Scattering Problems:Applications III - Radiation Problems:Application IV - EM Absorption in the Human Body:@ FINITE ELEMENT METHOD Solution of Laplace's Equation:Solution of Poisson's Equation:Solution of the Wave Equation:Automatic Mesh Generation I -Rectangular Domains:Automatic Mesh Generation II - Arbitrary Domains:Bandwidth Reduction:Higher Order Elements:Three-Dimensional Elements:Finite Element Methods for Exterior:Problems:@ TRANSMISSION-LINE-MATRIX METHODS Transmission-Line Equations:Solution of Diffusion Equation:Solution of Wave Equations:Inhomogeneous and Lossy Media in TLM:Three-Dimensional TLM Mesh:Error Sources and Correction:Absorbing Boundary Conditions:@ MONTE CARLO METHODS Generation of Random Numbers and Variables:Evaluation of Error:Numerical Integration:Solution of Potential Problems:Whole Field Computation by Markov Chain:Method of Lines:@ APPENDICES Vector Relations:Review of C++:Key Programs in C++:Solution of Simultaneous Equations:Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems: @ Each chapter also contains Concluding Remarks, References, and Problems