Cover of Dielectrics in Electric Fields

Dielectrics in Electric Fields

Gorur G. Raju, Univ. Windsor, Ontario, Canada

(2003) 592 pages

Examines the influences of electric Fields on dielectric materials and explores their distinctive behavior through well established principles of physics and engineering and recent literature on dielectrics. Facilitates understanding of the psace charge phenomena in the nonuniform fields. Containes more than 800 display equations.

An exceptionally crafted field reference or text for seniors and graduate students in power engineering tracks! Contains more than 800 display equaitons.

Intro Concepts; Polarization and static dielectric constant; Dielectric loss and relaxation-I; Dielectric loss and elaxation-II; Experimental data (frequency domain); Absorpiton and desorption currents; Field enhanced conduction; Fundamental aspects of gaseous breakdown-I; Fundamental aspects of electrical breakdown-II; Thermally stimulated processes; Space charge in solids dielectrics; Appendix 1: Trade names of polymers; Appendix 2: General classification of polymer dielectrics; Appendix 3: Selected properties of insulating materials; Appendix 4: Relative ranking of thermoplastic polymers; Appendix 5: Selected properties of polymer insulating materials; Index