Cover of Micromachining of Engineering Materials

Micromachining of Engineering Materials

Joseph McGeough, ed.

(2001) 416 pages

Includes full-chapter bibliographies and a useful appendix that describes superfinishing techniques!

This book considers materials shaping processes used to produce engineering components of small geometry and high accuracy, focusing on conventional methods such as microgrinding and diamond turning and new techniques ranging from ultrasonics to high-resolution lithography.

Contains the latest data on material removal rates, surface accuracy, and polishing! Explaining principles underlying the main micromachining practices currently being used and developed in industrial countries around the world, Micromachining of Engineering Materials

Presenting applications for the microelectronics, computer, medical, and aerospace industries, Micromachining of Engineering Materials: is a must-have reference for materials, manufacturing, mechanical, industrial, production, and design engineers; machining technologists; ceramists; tribologists; and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in these disciplines.


Introduction, H. El-Hofy, A. B. M. Khairy, T. Masuzawa, and Joseph McGeough; Measurement Techniques in Micromachining, Mohammad A. Younes; Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Atomic Processes in Microcutting, Shoichi Shimada; Abrasive Micromachining and Microgrinding, Kai Chang; Diamond Micromachining, John Corbett; Ultrasonic Micromachining, D. Kremer and Y. Benkirane; Microelectrodischarge Machining, David M. Allen; Laser Micromachining, J. Meijer; Micromachining by Electrochemical Dissolution, Madhav Datta; Ion Beam Machining, Joseph McGeough; Electron Beam Machining, Joseph McGeough; High-Resolution Lithography, S. Thoms and D. Macintyre; Appendix

Micromachining by Finishing Techniques, Joseph McGeough; Index