Cover of Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing

Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing

Michael A. Lieberman, Allan J. Lichtenberg

(1994) 609 pages

Timely, authoritative, pedagogically consistent— a valuable professional resource and a superior didactic tool. Authored by two internationally respected pioneers in the field, this book offers a fully integrated, pedagogically consistent presentation of the fundamental physics and chemistry of partially ionized, chemically reactive, low-pressure plasmas and their roles in a wide range of plasma discharges and processes used in thin film processing applications— especially in the fabrication of integrated circuits. With many fully worked examples, practice exercises, and clear demonstrations of the relationship of plasma parameters to external control parameters and processing results, this book combines the best qualities of a student text and a professional resource.

In-depth coverage of the fundamentals of plasma physics and chemistry— includes separate chapters on atomic and molecular collisions; Applies basic theory to plasma discharges, including calculations of plasma parameters and scaling of plasma parameters with control parameters; Applies results to basic processing mechanisms and the effects of plasma parameters on those mechanisms; Uses numerous worked examples to demonstrate the relationships between control parameters, plasma parameters, and processing results


Basic Plasma Equations and Equilibrium.; Atomic Collisions.; Plasma Dynamics.; Diffusion and Transport.; DC Sheaths.; Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium.; Molecular Collisions.; Chemical Kinetics and Surface Processes.; Particle and Energy Balance in Discharges.; Capacitive Discharges.; Inductive Discharges.; Wave-Heated Discharges.; DC Discharges.; Etching.; Deposition and Implantation.; Appendices.; References.; Index.