Cover of Powder Handling and Electrostatics

Powder Handling and Electrostatics

Thomas B. Jones and Jack L. King

(1991) ix + 103 pages

Whenever powders are in movement they will pick up an electric charge. Find out what happens when trucks try to load tribocharged polymer granules at 30,000 lbm/hr into an ungrounded storage silo. This book is a must for anyone involved in large scale powder handling who wants to avoid explosions. Written by two leading experts in the field with over fifty years of combined experience.

1991, ix + 103 pages, $149.95 (this volume is going out of print; a limited number of copies remain; this book is non-returnable.)



Ignition probabilities.

Plastic powder processing

Charge generation; separation; dissipation; electrostatic discharge.


Intrinsic; extrinsic.

Other issues

Ignition; particle size; dissipation; level indicators; pneumatic transport; corona degradation; conductive fibers in filter bags and liners.

Examples of dust explosions

Mt. Vernon; Union Carbide; United Biscuits; propagating brush discharge; powder and liquids.

Do's and dont's

Abatement of electrostatic hazards in dusts.