Cover of Protection Devices and Systems for High-Voltage Applications

Protection Devices and Systems for High-Voltage Applications

Vladimir Gurevich

(2003) 304 pages

Discusses general problems related to the structure of current overload protection systems in high voltage (HV) electrical installations and introduces a family of new devices based on reed switch contacts, solid-state units, hybrid technology, and automatic systems based on these components. Highlights their application in high voltage (5 to 100 kV) power supplies, power lasers and radar, RF-generators, and protection systems for class 6 to 24 kV distribution networks.


Problems of Overload and Spark Protection Systems for High Power RF Generators, Lasers, and Radar

High-Voltage Interface RG-series Relays

High-Voltage Switching Devices

Low-Voltage Switching Devices for High-Voltage Power Supply

Applications for Power Engineering

Applications for Powerful Radio-Electronic Equipment

High-Voltage Devices for Industrial Applications

Appendix A

Selected Publications by the Author

Appendix B

Some Types of RG-relays with Special Characteristics

Appendix C

Environmental Tests of RG-relays for MIL-STD-202 Requirements

Appendix D

Components Recommended for Use in HV Protection Devices

Appendix E

Insulation Materials for Production of RG-relays

Appendix F

Engineering Equations for Calculations of Magnetic Conductivity in Magnetic Circuits and Electrical Fields for Some Forms of Electrodes