Cover of Modeling of Electrical Overstress in Integrated Circuits

Modeling of Electrical Overstress in Integrated Circuits

Carlos H. Diaz, Sung-Mo Kang, Charvaka Duvvury

(1995) xvix + 148 pages

This book covers techniques for modeling electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge failures in integrated circuits. It is written at a technical level for engineers, designers, and specialists in the fields of EOS/ESD and power failures. A good reference to have in your library.

::Electrical overstress in ICS:: @ Definition of electrostatic discharge phenomena; Impact of ESD on IC chip technologies; Protection strategies for reducing esd effects; ESD models and qualification; EOS models and qualification; Previous work on ESD/EOS device failure modeling @ ::NMOS ESD protection devices and process related issues:: @ ESD phenomena in NMOS devices; Failure modes in NMOS; Protection technique using NMOS device structures; The impact of process technologies on NMOS ESD behavior; Advance NMOS device protection concepts; Measuring EOS robustness in ICS:; Statistical distribution ofEOS/ESD-related failures; Characterization of bipolar devices; EOS characterization of NMOS devices; Summary @ ::EOS thermal failure simulation for integrated circuits:: @ Nomenclature; ITSIM: a nonlinear thermal failure simulator for ICS; Simulation results for ceramic and plastic packages; Summary @ ::ITSIM: a nonlinear 2D-1D thermal simulator:: @ Running the program; Input file; An example; 2D electrothermal analysis of Device failure in MOS processes:; Device level electrothermal simulation; Comparison of experimental and 2D electrothermal results; Summary @ ::Circuit level electrothermal simulation:: @ Temperature effects and device models; Simulation of avalanche breakdown; Temperature model for electrothermal simulation; IETSIM: an electrothermal circuit-level simulation tool; Summary @ ::IETSIM: an electrothermal circuit simulator:: @ Introduction; Running the program; Input file: circuit description and format @ ::Summary and future research.: