Cover of Handbook of Imaging Materials, 2nd ed.

Handbook of Imaging Materials, 2nd ed.

A. Diamond & D. Weiss, eds.

(2001) 472 pages

This revised and expanded reference presents the most recent developments in the materials, properties, and performance characteristics of photographic, electrophotographic, electrostatic, diazo, and ink jet imaging processes— providing current techniques and modern applications for ink jet, thermal, and toner-related imaging systems.

Covering new materials used in digital imaging devices such as copiers, facsimile machines, and computer-driven printers and plotters, the Second Edition of the Handbook of Imaging Materials discusses:

Written by recognized authorities in the field, the Second Edition of the Handbook of Imaging Materials is a state-of-the-art source for optical, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers, physicists, chemists, biochemists, materials and imaging scientists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

Conventional Photographic Materials: J. F. Hamilton; Color Photographic Materials: Jon Kapecki and Louis Friedrich; Diazo Papers, Films, and Chemicals: Henry Mustacchi; A Brief Introduction to Electrophotography: B. E. Springett; Dry Toner Technology: Robert J. Gruber and Paul C. Julien; Carrier Materials for Imaging: Lewis O. Jones; Liquid Toner Technology: George Gibson, James R. Larson, and S. P. Smith; Dielectric Papers and Films: Lubo Michaylov and Dene H. Taylor; Photoreceptors: The Chalcogenides: S. O. Kasap; Photoreceptors: Organic Photoconductors: Paul M. Borsenberger and David S. Weiss; Photoreceptors: Recent Imaging Applications for a-Si: R. J. Joslyn; Thermal Imaging Materials: Klaus B. Kasper; Photothermographic and Thermographic Imaging Materials: P. J. Cowdery-Corvan and D. R. Whitcomb; Ink Jet Ink Technology: Walter J. Wnek, Michael A. Andreottola, Paul F. Doll, and Sean M. Kelly; Papers and Films for Ink Jet Printing: Douglas E. Bugner; Applications of Amorphous Silicon and Related Materials in Electronic Imaging: J. Mort; Index