Cover of Principles and Techniques of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Principles and Techniques of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Christos Christopoulos

(1995) 336 pages

Unlike other publications, this new book offers a different approach to the study of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It emphasizes the understanding of relevant electromagnetic interactions in increasingly complex systems. Mathematical tools are introduced when pursuing the physical picture unaided becomes counterproductive. In order to handle complexity, numerical tools are developed and the basis and capabilities of these tools are presented.

Part I of the book covers underlying concepts and techniques. This includes discussions on electromagnetic fields, electrical circuit components, and electrical signals and circuits. The second part deals with general EMC concepts and techniques and will be useful for predicting the EMC behavior of systems. More practical techniques used to control electromagnetic interference and the design of EMC into products are presented in Part III. The main EMC standards and test techniques are described in the final part of the book.

Chapters are designed to allow readers to study the entire book at a pace which reflects their own background and interests. The book appeals to both EMC applications-oriented and analysis-oriented readers. This text provides useful source material for a serious study of EMC, including references to more advanced work.


Underlying Concepts and Techniques

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Fields

Electrical Circuit Components

Electrical Signals and Circuits

General EMC Concepts and Techniques

Sources of Electromagnetic Interference

Penetration Through Shields and Apertures

Propagation and Crosstalk

Simulation of Electromagnetic Coupling Between Systems

Effects of Electromagnetic Interference on Devices and Systems

Interference Control Techniques

Shielding and Grounding

Filtering and Nonlinear Protective Devices

General EMC Design Principles

EMC Standards and Testing

EMC Standards

EMC Measurements and Testing


Useful Vector Formulae

Circuit Parameters of Conductor Configurations

The Sinx/x Function

Spectra of Trapezoidal Waveforms

Calculation of the Electric Field Received by a Short Electric Dipole