Cover of A. D. Moore Remembered

A. D. Moore Remembered

A video interview by Bob Gundlach

(1995) 22 min pages

After his 'retirement' A. D. Moore spent many years demonstrating his electrostatic 'zoo' in schoolrooms and universities throughout the world, describing some of them in Scientific American. Here are classic demonstrations of electrostatic phenomena by the man who did the most to popularize this field in the last 30 years. He explains them to Bob Gundlach, the most prolific inventor at the Xerox Corporation and a cofounder of the Electrostatic Society of America. Ideal for school use.

Lightning videos; Induction generators@ Kelvin's water drop generator, dirod generators.:Effects of high voltage@ Tassels in love, repulsion of balls.:Repulsion motors@ Self-starting demonstration, the coffee cup motor.:Charging and discharging@ The pingpong effect, noise makers, electrostatic pendulum, interactions of neighboring charges.:Electrophotography@ Lichtenburg figures, electrostatic latent images, seeing the charge patterns, writing with charges, corona charging of plastics, erasing charges with alcohol.: