Electrostatic Applications Consulting Resume

Joseph M. Crowley

President, Electrostatic Applications

tel: (805) 927-2448, email: electro@electrostatic.com

Selected Publications:

Academic Experience

MIT (1958-1965)
BS, MS, PhD in Electrical Engineering
Continuum electromechanics research with J. Melcher and H. Woodson
Max Planck Institute for Fluid Mechanics, Germany (1965-1966)
NATO Postdoctoral Fellow
Fluid film research with Walter Tollmien
University of Illinois (66-88)
Acting director, Charged Particle Research Lab, (1967-1968)
Director, Applied Electrostatics Research Laboratory (1978-1988)
UCLA (1973)
Swimming of micro-organisms with T. Jahn
University of Minnesota (1993)
Research on web coating with L. Scriven

Industrial Experience

Xerox Corp. (Summers 1968-1974)
Analyzed electromechanical and electrostatic effects in various copying and printing processes
Joseph M. Crowley, Inc. (1981-1991)
Consulting in ESD control, computer peripherals, copiers, liquid dispensing, heat transfer, patent disputes
Electrostatic Applications (1986-present)
President and Founder
Research and development in printers, copiers, displays, heat transfer, and coating processes
Laplacian Press (1994-present)
A publishing company, specializing in books on electrostatics

Awards and Honors

Piercy Distinguished Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering, Fellow of the IEEE, Who's Who in the World, Distinguished Service with Electrostatic Society of America, Outstanding Contributions to Electrostatics Award - Inst. of Electrostatics Japan, Lifetime Achievement Award - Electrostatics Society of America, Imaging Science and Technology Charles E. Ives Award 2003 (Engineering) for published paper in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology 2002, Vol. 46, No.5, pp.415-421.

Professional Service

Electrostatics Society of America
President, 1992-1995,
Publication Chairman, 1994 to present
EOS/ESD Association
Consultant to standards committee (1986-1989)
IEEE (Fellow)
Corresponding Secretary, Electrostatic Processes Committee (1985-1990)
Journal of Electrostatics
Editorial Board (1988-2001)


General Electrostatics

Fundamentals of Applied Electrostatics
J. M. Crowley, Wiley, New York, 1986
Proceedings of the ESA-IEJ Joint Symposium on Electrostatics, Laplacian Press, CA (1994)
J. Crowley, K. Asano, A. Seaver, T. Oda, editors
Handbook on Electrostatic Processes
J. S. Chang, A. Kelley, and J. M. Crowley (editors), Marcel Dekker, New York (1995)
ESA Annual Meeting Proceedings 1995, Laplacian Press, CA(1995)
J. Crowley, M. Zaretsky, D. Rimai, editors
ESA Annual Meeting Proceedings 1996, Laplacian Press, CA (1996)
J. Crowley, A. Seaver, G. Schmieg, editors
Proceedings of the IEJ-ESA Joint Symposium on Electrostatics, Univ. of Tokyo (1996)
T. Oda, K. Asano, J. Crowley, A, Seaver, editors
Role of American Industry in Electrostatics
J. M. Crowley, IEJ Annual Meeting, Tokyo Japan, (October 1996)
Proceedings of the 25th Annual Meeting of the ESA 1997, Laplacian Press, CA (1997)
J. Crowley, S. E. Law, S. Bannerjee, J. Doshi, editors
Proceedings of the IEJ-ESA Joint Symposium on Electrostatics,, Laplacian Press (1998)
J. Crowley, KAsano, eds.
Proceedings of the 27th Annual Meeting of the ESA 1999, Laplacian Press (1998)
J. Crowley, M. Horenstein, eds.
Proceedings of the ESA Annual Meeting, 2000, St. Catharine's, Ontario, (June 2000) Laplacian Press
J. M. Crowley, S. E. Law, W. Vosteen (editors),
Proceedings of the IEJ-ESA Joint Symposium on Electrostatics, Kyoto, Japan, September, 2000, IEJ, Tokyo, Japan
J. M. Crowley, T. Oda (editors)
Useful Fundamentals for Electrostatics (review),
J. M. Crowley, IEJ-ESA Joint Symposium on Electrostatics, Kyoto, Japan (September 2000)
Proceedings of the ESA Annual Meeting, 2001,
J. M. Crowley, M. Zaretsky, eds. (June 2001)

Proceedings of the ESA-IEJ Jointl Meeting, 2002,

J. M. Crowley, M. Zaretsky, G. Kazkaz, eds. (June 2002)

Proceedings of the ESA-IEEE Joint Meeting, 2003,

J. M. Crowley, M. Horenstein, T. Yamamoto, M. Mazumder, eds, (June 2003)

Proceedings of the ESA Annual Meeting 2004

J. M. Crowley, S. Barringer, K. Robinson, eds. (June, 2004)


Printers, Copiers, and Displays

Development control in electrostatic lithography
J.M. Crowley, H.R. Till, , Electrostatics 1987 (1987), Institute of Physics Conference Series No. 85, Bristol, England
Ink Jet Electrohydrodynamic Exciter,
J. M. Crowley, United States Patent 4,220,958, September 2, 1980 (9 pages)
Ink Jet Printer With Satellite Droplet Control
I. Rezanka and J. M. Crowley, U. S. Patent 4,734,705, March 29, 1988
Imaging Apparatuses and Processes
H. Till, H. Anderson, G. Domoto, A. Sereny, J. Crowley, R. Crystal, J. Knights, R. Proulx, N. Sheridon, J. Lennon, and S. Drappel, U.S. Patent 5,176,974, January 1993
Electrohydrodynamic excitation for ink jet printers
J. M. Crowley, ESA Conference on Electrostatics, Indianapolis, June, 1982
Image development by electrostatic lithography
J. M. Crowley and H. R. Till, Proc. 3rd Int. Cong. Non-Impact Printing, San Francisco (August, 1986)
Liquid ink retention on wetted non-absorbent, corrugated surfaces
J. M. Crowley and Henry R. Till, SPSE Fourth International Congress on Non-Impact Printing Technologies, New Orleans (March, 1988)
Acoustically assisted xerographic toner transfer
J.M. Crowley, 1992 Annual IS+T Non-Impact Printing Meeting, Williamsburg, VA (October 1992)
Xerographic transfer and charging by means of the piezoelectric effect
J. M. Crowley et al, Journal IS+T, Vol. 40-4, pp. 285-290, (1996)
Output characteristics of a Xeromorph
J. M. Crowley, C. Snelling, D. R. Mashtare, IEJ-ESA Joint Symposium, Tokyo, Japan (October 1996)
Electrostatic control of flow-induced smearing in the transfer of liquid ink
J.M. Crowley, H. Till, C. Radulski, S. Ahuja, Journal of Electrostatics, Vol. 40 & 41, pp. 585-590 (1997)
Chapter in Encyclopedia of Electrical Engineering, Wiley, New York, (1999)
Dipole Moments of Gyricon Balls,
J. M. Crowley, N. Sheridon, L. Romano, Journal of Electrostatics, Vol. 55, 2002, pp. 247-259.
Design of MEMS ejector for printing applications,
A.Gooray, P. Galambos, K. Zavadil, R. Gilver, F. Peter, J. M. Crowley, JIST 2002, Vol. 46, No. 5, pp. 415-421. (Charles E. Ives 2003 Award in Engineering)
Electric Paper Displays,
J. M. Crowley, ESA-IEJ Joint Meeting, 2002, Chicago, IL. June 26-28, 2002.

Liquid Jets and Drops

Lateral instability of a stream of charged droplets
J. M. Crowley, Phys. of Fluids 11, pp. 1372-1374 (1968)
Growth of waves on an accelerated jet
J. M. Crowley, Phys. of Fluids 11, pp. 2172-2178 (1968)
Electrohydrodynamic droplet generators
J. M. Crowley, J. Electrostatics 14, pp. 121-134 (1983)
Phased exciter arrays for EHD drop generators
J. M. Crowley, IEEE Trans. Indus. Applications, v. IA-22 (1986), pp. 973-976
Satellite (droplet) control by direct harmonic excitation
I. Rezanka, J. M. Crowley, J. Imaging Technology, v.16-1, pp. 43-47 (1990)
EHD Stimulation of Jet Breakup
J. M. Crowley, Proc. Second International Colloq. on Drops and Bubbles, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, pp.63-70 1982, Pasadena, California
Drop-on-demand operation of continuous jets using EHD techniques
J. M. Crowley, D. Hrdina, IEEE Transactions Indus. Applications, v. 25, pp. 705-710 (1989)
Electrostatic spray device, patent,
Kadlubowski, Wilson, Leppla, Hirose, Wakiyama, Aoyama, Mori, Komada, Sumiyoshi, Crowley, U.S. Patent 6,682,004, ( Jan. 2004)


Growth and excitation of electrohydrodynamic surface waves
J. M. Crowley, Phys. of Fluids 8, pp. 1668-1679 (1965)
Stability of an electrified jet.
J. M. Schneider, N. R. Lindblad, C. D. Hendricks, and J. M. Crowley, J. Applied Physics 38, pp. 2599-2605(1967)
The onset of boiling in Electrohydrodynamic spraying
J. M. Crowley, AIAA Journal 15, pp. 734-736 (1977)
The role of Joule heating in the electrostatic spraying of liquids
J. M. Crowley, J. Applied Physics 48, pp. 145-147 (1977)
Electrohydrodynamic pumping of cable oil
Gerdt, R., J. M. Crowley, and J. C. Chato, J. Electrostatics 5, pp. 477-488 (1978)
Efficiency of electrohydrodynamic pumps in the attraction mode
J. M. Crowley, J. Electrostatics 8, pp. 171-177 (1980)
EHD induction pumping in annuli
J. M. Crowley, P. Chang, D. Riley, IEEE Trans. Elec. Insulation, EI-20, pp. 413-418, (1985)
Selecting a working fluid to increase the efficiency and flow rate of an EHD pump
J. M. Crowley, G. Wright, and J. C. Chato, IEEE Transactions Indus. Applications, Vol. 26, pp. 42-49 (1990)
Single phase electrohydrodynamic pump
J. C. Chato and J. M. Crowley, U. S. Patent 4,316,233, February 16, 1982
Dimensionless ratios in electrohydrodynamics
J. M. Crowley, in Handbook of Electrostatic Processes, ed. Chang et al, Marcel Dekker, pp. 99-120 (1995).
The Role of Mobility in EHD Pollution Control Techniquies
J.M. Crowley, Nato Workshop on The Modern Problems of Electrostatics with Applications in Environment Protection, Bucharest, Romania (Nov. 9-12,1998)
Static Electricity and Electrosatic Assist,
J. M. Crowley, Symp. on Coating and Drying Process Technology, Univ. Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN., June 18-19, 2001.


Viscosity-induced instability of a one-dimensional lattice of falling spheres
J. M. Crowley, J. Fluid Mechanics 45, pp. 151-159 (1971)
A viscous effect on the breaking rate of fine particles in a ball mill
J. M. Crowley, Powder Technology 15, pp. 133-134 (1976)
Clumping instability in a falling horizontal lattice
J. M. Crowley, Physics of Fluids 19, pp. 1296-1300 (1976)

ESD, Hazards, and Nuisances

The electrostatics of static dissipative worksurfaces
J. M. Crowley, Journal of Electrostatics (1989)
ESD Problems in the electronics industry
J. M. Crowley, One Day Course, School of Engineering, University College, Dublin, Ireland, (March, 1987)
Resistance testing of static dissipative worksurfaces
J. M. Crowley, S. A. Halperin, et al, EOS/ESD Symposium, Anaheim (September, 1988)
Triboelectric charging of PET-PVC Mixtures
J. M. Crowley, ESA 1993 Annual Meeting, London, Ontario (June, 1993).
Basic materials measurement
J.M. Crowley, EOS/ESD Tutorial, Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (September, 1993)
ESD Sources and Control
J. M. Crowley, Matsushita Avionics Conference, Seattle, WA (July, 1996)
ESD Damage--Effects of charge, voltage, and size
J.M. Crowley, IDEMA MR/ESD Symp. Santa Clara, CA (April 22, 1998)
Electrostatic Fundamentals,
J. M. Crowley, EOS-ESD Symp., Portland, OR, Sept. 2001
Equivalent circuits for air ionizers used in static control
J. M. Crowley, D. Leri, G. Dahloff, L. Levit, Journal of Electrostatics, Vol. 61, No. 2, pp. 71-83 (2004)

Electrostatic Field Solutions

Electrostatic fields on PC spreadsheets
J. M. Crowley, J. Electrostatics v. 19, pp. 137-149,(1987)
Animation of traveling electrostatic waves on personal computers
J. M. Crowley, G. Wright, IEEE Trans. Indus. Applications v. 24 pp. 1038-1041 (1988)
Computer-aided analytical solutions of Laplace's equation
J.M. Crowley, IEEE-IAS 1991 Annual Meeting Conference Proceedings, Dearborn, MI, (October, 1991)
J. M. Crowley, computer program, Electrostatic Applications, Morgan Hill, CA, June, 1991.

Experimental Techniques

An improved high voltage waveform generator
P. T. Krein, D. J. Kervin, and J. M. Crowley, J. Physics E 16, (1983)
Viscometric temperature measurements in electric or magnetic fields
J. Seyed-Yagoobi, J. C. Chato, and J. M. Crowley, Rev. Sci. Inst. 55, pp. 1471-1474 (1984)
Method and apparatus for fabricating bichromal balls for a twisting ball display
J. M. Crowley, E. A. Richley, and N. K. Sheridon, U. S. Patent 5,262,098, November 16, 1993. Also European patent application 93310052.1
Low frequency electrical properties of selected dielectrics
D. P. Kelly, J. C. Chato, and J. M. Crowley, Conf. Elec. Insul. Dielec. Phenom., Wilmington, DE, October 1984, pp. 208-213
Effects of long-term low-level charge injection on insulating oil
J. Seyed-Yagoobi, P. T. Krein, J. M. Crowley, and J. C. Chato, Conf. Elec. Insul. Dielec. Phenom., Wilmington, DE, October 1984, pp. 307-311
Biased-plate characterization of pulsed DC ionizers
J. M. Crowley, A. Ignatenko, L. Levit, Journal of Electrostatics, Vol. 62, pp. 219-230 (2004)

Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics

Electrical breakdown of bimolecular lipid membranes as an electromechanical instability
J. M. Crowley, Biophysical Journal 13, 711-724 (1973)
Centrifugal waves on a flexible chain
J. M. Crowley, Applied Sci. Res. 29, pp. 175-185 (1974)
Harmonic effects in electrostatic induction motors
P. T. Krein and J. M. Crowley, Electric Machines and Electromechanics 10, pp. 479-497 (1985)
Effect of electromagnetic force on the stability of liquid films
J. M. Crowley, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Fundamentals 6, pp. 243-246 (1967)
Electroelastic effects in cell membranes
J. M. Crowley, Proc. IUTAM-IUPAP Symposium Electromagnetic Effects in Solid Continua, Paris, France, July, 1983
Electrostatic forces in mechanical engineering
J.M. Crowley, Seminar at Texas A&M Univ. College Station, TX (1997)

Continuum Feedback Control

Stabilization of a spatially growing wave by feedback
J. M. Crowley, Phys. of Fluids 10, pp. 1170-1177 (1967)
Control of an amplifying wave on an infinite continuum
J. M. Crowley, IEEE Trans. on Auto. Control, AC-14, pp. 536-539 (1969)
Geometrical limitations in plasma feedback systems
J. M. Crowley, Feedback and Dynamic Control of Plasmas, ed. T. K. Chu and H. W. Hendel, American Institute of Physics, New York, pp. 12-16 (1970)
Control of an instability on the fluid pendulum with magnetic feedback
D. S. Zrnic, C. D. Hendricks, and J. M. Crowley, Phys. of Fluids 13, pp. 1875-1877 (1970)
Feedback control of Plasma flutes with finite enforcer electrodes
J. M. Crowley, Phys. of Fluids 14, pp. 1285-1287 (1971)
A Simple stability criterion for feedback control of unstable waves
J. M. Crowley, J. Applied Physics 47, pp. 4675-4680 (1976)

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