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Computational Methods for Electromagnetics

Andrew F. Peterson, Scott L. Ray, Raj Mittra


584 pages

Computational Methods for Electromagnetics is an indispensable resource for making efficient and accurate formulations for electromagnetics applications and their numerical treatment. Employing a unified and coherent approach that is unmatched in the field, the authors detail both integral and differential equations using the method of moments and finite-element procedures. In addition, readers will gain a thorough understanding of numerical solution procedures. Topics covered include:

Detail is provided to enable the reader to implement concepts in software and, in addition, a collection of related computer programs are available via the Internet. Computational Methods for Electromagnetics is designed for graduate-level classroom use or self-study, and every chapter includes problems. It will also be of particular interest to engineers working in the aerospace, defense, telecommunications, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility, and electronic packaging industries.

1. Introduction
Electromagnetic Compatibility at Component Level
EMC on the Printed Circuit Board
Parameters Relating to EMC performance
What's In It For Me?
2. Passive Components
Passive Component Packaging
3. Active Discrete Components
Discrete Component Packaging
Other Active Discrete Devices
4. Integrated Circuits
Bipolar or CMOS?
Integrated Circuit Packaging
Digital Devices
Analogue Devices
5. Electromechanical and Hybrid Components
Passive Electromechanical Components
Active Electromechanical Components
Hybrid Components
6. Printed Circuit Boards
PCB Terminology
Construction of a PCB
PCB Design Parameters
PCB Layout for EMC
7. PCB Design for High-speed Circuits
Controlled Impedance Tracking
Multilayer Build
8. Software
Programming Issues for EMC
Design Software
Appendix A: EMC Standards
Appendix B: PCB Design Parameters
Appendix C: Software Vendor Addresses
Glossary of Terms
Abbreviations and Acronyms
International Standards Bodies and Institutions